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Sustainable tourism development

Sustainable tourism development

A new project: travel guide books for a sustainable tourism.


Before presenting the upcoming travel guide I would like to say a few words on: Sustainable tourism development.

Sustainable development is a form of economic development that is compatible with environmental protection and the free goods for future generations. Sustainable tourism or ecoturirsmo is a useful tool for integrating sustainable development policies.
The main points are:
Respect and protection of the environment and in particular the ecosystem and biodiversity, with minimization of environmental impact of the structures and activities related to tourism;
The respect and protection of traditional culture of the local population;
Active participation of local people in the management of ecotourism enterprises;
Sharing a richer experience for tourists thanks to the direct relationship with the local community and to a better knowledge of its culture.
In most cases, the expression is used with reference to tourism in the countries of the Third World or developing, the same concept is, however, also applicable to the protection of territorial values even in developed countries for the emergence a concept of tourism that does not destroy the natural resources.
The responsible tourist fact must avoid damaging the environment, the responsible tourist must have a respectful attitude of the local culture and also to ensure the well-being of the population, it often happens that the revenues of the tourism industry remain in the hands of the entrepreneur or manager, with no real benefit to the local people. The responsible tourist supports the economy by buying local products and protecting natural resources.
The responsible and sustainable tourism fundamentals are the environmental integrity, social justice and economic development of local populations.

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